Have An Attic? Here's What You Should Do With It

LA-based design darling Tamara Kaye-Honey knows a thing or two about the cozy glam aesthetic. Her Canadian upbringing shines through in the home she shares with her husband Ryan and their two children, Phia and Streak. After relocating to LA and living in a mid-century house, Kaye-Honey started craving the character of an older home—which eventually led her to this 1923 English Tudor.

The couple undertook two rounds of renovations over five years to achieve the desired outcome. Possibly the most impactful transformation was the attic that was turned into a master suite complete with offices, a media room, and a den. The bath was a fortunate accident: “I actually bought the tub five years ago while shopping for a client, who wound up not needing it,” she remembers. “I had it delivered upstairs and placed it where it is today as a reminder of the future—it was my bathroom muse!” The result is a cozy chalet-style master suite with a Californian sensibility, a Canadian heart, and plenty of faux fur.

The piece originally appeared on Savvy Home Blog. The full home tour originally appeared on Lonny

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