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Home is Where the Art Is: 15 Personal Exhibitions

Every home is filled with empty walls and boring nooks and crannies that beg to be accessorized. This selection of spaces—designed and decorated by artists, collectors and other creative minds—can inspire anyone, from the hoarder to the minimalist, to transform an average living space into a one-of-a-kind art gallery.

Samantha Giordano
  • Photo credit: Joe Fletcher
    Great Taste
    Designed by Jay Jeffers

    SF designer Jay Jeffers’ dining room is a feast for the eyes with its carefully curated collection of art, objects and sculptures.  

  • Photo credit: Bruce Damonte
    Exhibit A
    Designed by Zoltan E. Pali

    In the entrance-corridor of Mauricio Oberfeld’s Culver City home, a typographical sculpture, abstract painting, geometric bench and board-formed concrete walls create the illusion of walking into a modern art exhibit.

  • Photo credit: Ethan Kaplan
    Boxed In
    Designed by Amir Mortazavi

    A sparsely decorated office serves multiple purposes with its sculptural Overdose desk and utilitarian antiques. As their home, store and gallery, the residence of Amir Mortazavi and Emmanuelle Rogels blurs the line between showroom and private space.

  • Photo credit: Jeremy Samuelson
    Personal Expression
    Designed by Wendy Schwartz

    Colorful art and an eclectic mix of furniture—including an oil on canvas work by California expressionist painter Ross Curtis and a thrift store coffee table—embody designer Wendy Schwartz’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic.  

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