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If Walls Could Talk: 11 Rooms That Spell it Out

After a year of ambiguity—both political and economic—we could all use a little clarity. Designers are boldly splashing phrases in every font, from graffiti to Times New Roman, onto walls that are worthy of conversation. Check out our picks of rooms that speak for themselves.

Macy Williams
  • Photo credit: James Tensuan
    Just Say Yes

    This sign was dismantled from a drugstore and wired with neon to act as the focal point of this San Francisco home

  • Gut Feeling

    The architects of mode:lina created a space know as a Quotel—the combination of “quote” and “hotel.” This wall is an entryway to the kitchen that reminds its guests to keep their hunger in check. 

  • Mood Board

    Interior designers Aina Sollie Steen and Tahani Aeish of Norway hung a roll of material from the wall, where ever-changing messages serve as the backdrop of this space featured on Desire to Inspire.

  • Message in an Entry

    Handwritten messages marked across the entryway function as an accent wall, setting the tone for the rest of this living room designed by Sabina Vavra

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