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Jewel-Toned Rooms: 10 Luxe Spaces Soaked in Style

Put down the accent pillow—there are plenty of ways to revamp a room without using cliché “pops of color.” Rich sapphire, amethyst, ruby and emerald hues join forces with sumptuous fabrics to create a dazzling effect, so as the cold weather sets in, add luxury and warmth by saturating your space with jewel tones.

Macy Williams
  • Photo credit: John Ellis
    Work and Play
    Designed by Jennifer Dyer and Jeff Soler

    The custom emerald desk made by Jeneration Interiors is the perfect pop of color in this Westchester home featured in our May/June 2012 issue. 

  • Photo credit: Richard Powers
    Plum Appointments
    Designed by Alex Papachristidis

    Velvet never looked so good. Alex Papachristidis’ apartment featured on Elle Décor makes use of gold accents to bring out the rich color scheme. 

  • Plaid Jewel
    Designed by Jakob Solgren

    Deep plum shades and statement art add dimension to a space with otherwise stark white walls featured on Desire to Inspire

  • Photo credit: John Ellis
    Funky Furnishings
    Designed by Jennifer Dyer and Jeff Soler

    Blue blue and green glamour liven up the otherwise neutral tones of this space from our May/June 2012 issue.


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