A Room with a View

California Home and Design
  • Photo credit: Claudio Santini
    Land Meets Sea
    Designed by Mary Ann Schicketanz
    Architect Mary Ann Schicketanz of Carver + Schicketanz wanted to give these lucky homeowners the best possible view of those celebrated Big Sur headlands. She created a long, narrow lookout point: The length of the house is perpendicular to the coast to give views of the coastline, and at the very end, it cantilevers over the edge of the cliff.
    Photo credit: Caludio Santini
    Natural Instinct
    Designed by Mary Ann Schicketanz

    Chairs: Piet Boon, Baden Baden, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Side tables: Petrified Wood, Anderle Gallery, Carmel; Fire pit design: Carver + Schicketanz, Carmel; Firepit fabrication: Ernsdorf Design, LA.

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