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Take ‘grab a seat at the bar’ from just a saying to an overall experience. A solid set of bar stools can take your bar space to the next level by adding an unexpected element of elegance or architectural depth. Sure you could go traditional with something muted and safe or you could add a splash of style and a twist of fun with the latest from some of our favorite designers. Get ready to raise the bar.

By Candace Abbott
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Harris Arm Barstool.

Simple, but strong and sexy is the only way to define the Harris Arm Barstool. A next level neutral, this stool combines rich walnut with with a wrap around upholstery and brass detail at the foot rest. This stool perfects that art of integrating unquestionable style with unmatched comfort. Price upon request

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Barley Twist Stool

Rules were made to be broken and the Barley Twist Stool is proof of that. Nothing about this piece is shy from it’s eye-catching button seat in dashing golden leather to it’s hand-forged steel legs that show off a meticulous twist design. Ideal for it’s craftsmanship and it’s unwavering style, your bar needs this. Price upon request

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Alto Bar Stool

A perfectly finish base designed from a mix of metals, including pewter, nickel and steel, seems to be what makes the Alto Bar Stool unique, but there’s more. The tightly tucked leather seat and back show off top stitch detail, making this one to behold. A standout piece, this bar stool features a seductive shape that’s a perfect match for a bar setting. Price upon request

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Butch Barstool

Bring a bit of Mid Century to the table by way of the Butch Barstool. Rendered in a vintage leather and offset by weathered grey wood, this stool combines the beauty of old school with the coolness of now. A natural steel footrest adds depth to the sleek, sustainable design. $750

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Africa Bar Stool

A pop of color and a load of inspiration best defines the African Bar Stool by Eugeni Quitllet. It’s simplicity is what makes it so desirable. It’s constructed of a gas air molding injected with polypropylene with fiberglass. It’s shape is easy and it’s best experienced with your favorite people in your favorite spice. Price upon request

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The Argo Barstool

Seizing the season’s trend, The Argo Barstool is rich in texture and tone. With a deep mysterious shade of green in a velvety fabric with deep button detail, this stool looks to the France in the 1940’s to dictate it’s style. The legs, a rope-like brass with cubed accents, are attention-grabbers with their intricacy, too. Price upon request

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Santander Bar Stool

Image this in situated along your crisp monochromatic kitchen. The Santander Bar Stool offers the ideal amount of starpower to any space. It’s decadently styled seat, a perfect  swivel round rendered in a soft blue velvet, and it’s intricate legs, borrowing their style from hairpins with it’s matte black design, this piece exceed styling expectations and redefines the essence of any room. Price upon request

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Erickson Aesthetics Walnut Stool

Go nuts for this. Behold the Erickson Aesthetics Walnut Stool, a piece with a Mid Century soul and a purpose for today. An architectural wonder, this tripod style chair combines elegance, by way of a lacquered brass backrest, with decadent walnut wood. The shape captivates as does the commitment to style and design. Consider this moving up. Price upon request

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Gable Bar Chair

Old, but new. Meet the Gable Bar Chair. The shape says 1940’s, but the finishes and the fabrication say 2017. A plush seating option this velvet stunner features a swivel feature and a glistening brass leg along with a footrest and and flat bottom. Consider this a piece that’s ideal for any home bar that’s overflowing with old timey cocktails and style. $2060

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