Bespoke Beer-Ware for the Microbrew Enthusiast

Gone are the days that being a beer drinker means guzzling boring cans of generic suds. Inspired by the many new breweries in California (and around the world!) producing innovative and delicious microbrews, we think this Spring is the perfect time to purge your dated beer-ware for something a little more upscale. From handmade koozies to the perfect way to transport a six pack, these nine beer accessories are worthy of any thirsty gentleman.


By Rachel Amy Shahvar
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Pilser Print

A rusted-out beer can is made gallery-worthy in this print, taken from a fine art book about a real-life beer can collection. $17, Scoutmob Shoppe.


Photo credit: Wood and Faulk
Handmade Protection

Understated leather coasters will save your furniture, while making it look cool too. Plus they're handmade in the US from American tanned bridle leather. $30, Wood and Faulk.


Photo credit: Craft Beer Hound
Handsome Six Pack

Carting around a few bottles? Carry them in this solid wood and steel tote - not only is it reusable but makes it easy to mix and match your beer selection. $45, Craft Beer Hound.  

Photo credit: Firebox
Pop a Cap, Literally

The bottle opener is hand machined from a military grade .50 caliber bullet that’s been fired from a gun, giving it a unique set of marks. Attach it to your keychain for an instant conversation starter. $13.50, Firebox.


Photo credit: Wood and Faulk
Sophisticated Koozie

Although technically made for coffee, we know that drinking beer from a mason jar is a summertime must-do. Keep your beer cold and your hands condensation-free with sophisticated koozies (yeah, they do exist!). $28, Wood and Faulk.


Photo credit: Uncommongoods
Gorgeous Growler

Growlers are large vessels used for storing beer. Although they come in all shapes and sizes, we like the sleek silhouette of this stoneware clay and stainless steel version. Plus it’s handcrafted in Portland, and we hear those Pacific Northwesterners know a thing or two about their suds… $65, Uncommongoods.


Photo credit: Etsy
Taking It to Go

Treat yourself to an innovative design product - in a little package! This leather handle attaches a six pack securely to the frame of your bike, making it easy to take brews on the road. $28, Etsy.


Photo credit: Sir Jacks
Medieval Boozing

Guzzle like a character in Game of Thrones with an ox horn mug that’s both handmade in England and ethically sourced. $120, Sir Jacks.


Photo credit: Ode to Things
Ode to Japan

Inspired by Mt. Fuji, Japan’s Tallest mountain, this gorgeously designed glass has a remarkable and understated cool. It’s also packaged like a traditional Japanese tea cup in a solid wood box, making us love it even more. $100, Ode to Things.


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