Funky Finds Plucked from Designers' Personal Collections

Interior designers are collectors too, and many maintain a storehouse of furnishings and accessories to supply to clients when needed. Lucky for us, sites like Chairish and Previously Owned by a Gay Man give interior designers the opportunity to resell their overstock online. After piecing through pages full of gorgeous pieces with impressive pedigrees, we spotted these unexpected, quirky items for sale by our favorite designers and fell madly in love.  

By CHD Editors
Photo credit: Macfee Interior Design
Doves Come Home

Have you ever seen an, "Antique Dove Condo" before? Neither have we, but we're totally charmed by this fabulous little piece. $2,800, Chairish

Photo credit: Geoffrey DeSousa
Angst-Filled Art

Although some might be put-off by the sad subject matter, we're so intrigued by this piece titled "Woman on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown." Who is she? What vexes her? Inquiring minds want to know. $75, Previously Owned by a Gay Man

Photo credit: Macfee Interior Design
Hunting Horn

Ready to call the kids in for supper? Give this hunting horn a try. It come equipped with a chin strap, and original "Ancient Horn of Foresters" plaque. $640, Chairish

Photo credit: Susan Tollefsen Interiors
In Your Hands

In case your guests are squeamish about using this hilarious stool for sitting, the seller suggests it can double as shelf. Genius! $630, Chairish

Photo credit: Jonathan Rachman Design
Ronald, Renovated

Constructed out of a Ronald McDonald head from the '60s, this piece has been transformed into a light fixture with a few clever, err, upgrades. Truly the definition of a design "conversation piece." $900, Chairish

Photo credit: byblye interiors
San Francisco Gold

A pop-art piece in San Francisco's signature color, with a great '70s vibe. $115, Chairish

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