Reduce, Reuse, Redesign: Chic Eco-Conscious Finds For Earth Day

Earth Day is next week, so how do the design-savvy celebrate? By filling our places and spaces with eco-friendly and sustainable products galore, of course. And if you aren’t aware, going green in your home doesn’t mean tossing in a few makeshift pieces that are empty, ugly, or drab. We’ve found products that are as stylish and filled with character as they are for the greater good. Add a little sustainability to your space this year and show the planet just how much you love it.

By Candace Abbott
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Lace Vase

Reduce, recycle, reuse? That old bottle can have a second life as a home for fresh flowers. Add the soft Lace Vase topper, $14.50, for a look that’s pretty and helps you to cut back on glass waste. Everyone wins.

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Reclaimed Wood Industrial Chandelier

What was once old is new again. Designer Cassidy Schulz Brush took that to heart when she designed this Industrial Chandelier, $595, which is made from reclaimed wood and tiers of soft Edison light bulbs. This conversation piece has a ravishing effect on any room and you’re free to brag about it being handmade and recycled.

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Recycled Denim Kilim Rug

Sometimes reusing denim can mean a little more than turning your old jeans into shorts. Here’s proof. A wildly-hip recycled area rug, $295, that designed out of denimnothing more, nothing less. With the intricate design you won’t be able to stop yourself from staring. Next question, what shoes go good with this rug?

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Reclaimed Wood Industrial Adjustable Stool

Sit up tall because you’re doing your part and adding sustainable design to your space. And when you sit, it’ll be on a Reclaimed Wood Industrial Stool, $225. You’ve been wanting to incorporate the industrial touch to your space, so now’s the perfect time and this is the ideal piece. Durable, beautiful, good—sold.

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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Blinds

Shady characters? Never good. Shade in your home? Always good. Add the shade with a little help from a beautifully crafted set of Eco-friendly Bamboo Blinds, starts at $116. These eco-chic additions are 2” wide, customized to fit your windows, and come in a range of (safe) finishes. Let’s face it, windows want to be happy and so does the earth, so do your part and shop sustainable.

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Organic Herringbone Pestermal

Warming up to the idea of organic cotton blankets? You should be. Especially when they’re as magnificent as this Herringbone Pestermal, $53, or traditional Turkish bath towels. Hailing straight from Southern Turkey, this thing is absorbent, lightweight, fast-drying, and made of 100% organic cotton. Uses? How about as a towel, a throw, a scarf, a baby blanket, table cloth, sarong, and more. Now that’s just smart shopping.

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White Iridescent Recycled Glass Tiles

A backsplash that gives back? Sort of. Choose luxe White Iridescent  Recycled Glassindoor/outdoor tiles for your kitchen, dining room, bathroom, or wherever. These guys are certified by U.S. Green Building Council for L.E.E.D. and stylish. Here’s to giving glass and your home a new life, to responsible design, and finally finding the amazing mosaic tiles that you’ve been dreaming of.

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Coffee Sack Butaca Chair And Footstool

Sure you can drink fair trade organic coffee. But you can also pick furniture that has a classic design (think the Barcelona chair) with an eco-twist. The Coffee Sack Butaca Chair, $1,695, is made using an FSC certified machine, uses tropical Guatemalan hardwood, and features repurposed, perfectly padded jute coffee sacks. The best part of waking up, right?

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Eco-Friendly Wool Pillow

Not all pillows are created equal. How about an Eco-Friendly Wool Pillow, $339, that’s hand-woven (in Mexico) from a local artisan who cleans, spins, and weaves their own wool. Impressive, right? It’ll look equally impressive in your home and you can educate your guests not only on its sustainability but it’s one-of-a-kind texture. No need to pull the wool over their eyes. 

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