Tame Your Workspace With Adorable Animal Desk Accessories

If your office isn't animal-friendly, or if your landlord has a strict no-pet policy, let your furry friends know they are there in spirit with adorable office accessories to keep you company throughout the work day.

By Elysa Hill
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Giant Eraser

These little (or giant) animals are at the ready to help you fix mixtakes in no time. Jonathan Adler, $10

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Victorian Whale Bookend

Place your well-worn copy of Moby Dick and other cherished tomes between this whale of a book end. Anthropologie, $68.

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Ceramic Animal Planters

These delicate ceramic animal planters give a whole new meaning to "Animal Farm." Add some succulents to give your space some greenery - with your busy shcedule, you won't have to worry about constant maintenance. West Elm, $9 - $24.

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Bianca Memo Holder

Never forget another phone number, shopping list, or dentist appointment with this handy hippo memo holder. Urban Outfitters, $20

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Flamingo Lamp

Workspace too tiny to fit a desk lamp? Have your feathered friend hang out next to you anyway. Australian-based Italian designer Valentina Raffaelli is known for her clean, clear, and colorful designs, as exemplified in this eclectic flamingo lamp that only has one leg to stand on - and we love it! 

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Sending Animals

Called "Sending Animals" because of their shipping package design inspiration (text touting "handle with care" and "fragile" decorate the sides), these unique storage cabinets are the perfect place to store books, extra supplies, and anything you want hidden from sight. Seletti, price upon request.

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Animal Tape Dispenser

Washi tape is all the rage, and the only thing cooler than this crafty adornment is a polar bear dispenser for your most-used designs. Wishy Washi, $19

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Dachshund Letter Holder

Now man's best friend can finally be best friends with the mail man! Store envelopes and notes in one place with this handy letter holder. Anthropologie, $32.

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Zoo Calendar

Create mini desktop sculptures with die-cut calendars - no glue or scissors necessary makes it easy to assemble for all ages. Paper Source, $27

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