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It’s as much about the look as it is about the feel. We’re exploring and falling for textures in every possible way. Taking a step away from the bright colors of summer and leaning into the more subdued hues, we’re captivating by the finishes we’re finding from metallic to high-quality crystal, pulpy weaving and 3D styling. Curated by Mary Ta and Lars Oliver Hypko of Mass Beverly, these are feelings that we can’t get over.

By Candace Abbott
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Precious Glass Safe

Those live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but those who own the Precious Glass Safe by Spazio Pontaccio can do whatever they want. This standout and sexy piece blends transparent extra light crystal with satin-finished brass. Revealing all that’s inside, the real valuable is this beautiful, symbolic safe. Price upon request

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Carmel Sconce by Magni Home

Shining light in all the right places. The Carmel Sconce by Magni Home is handcrafted and designed with signature cast glass. Plus, it gives you options. Situate it vertically or horizontally and watch the space light up. Price upon request

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Henge Table by Massimo Castagna

Stone cold perfect. Look to the Henge Table by Massimo Castagna to bring some welcomed depth to your living space. A richly designed coffee table with a color variation and a mix of materials deposits gray into your home the right way. Price upon request

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Vienna Surface Tiles

Set your sights on tiles that inspire. De Castelli’s Vienna Surface Tiles do just that. Creating a mesh effect the tiles draw from traditional weaving technique, but the striped délabré finish enhances that. A rich and luxurious option, these tiles have no boundaries when it comes to beautifying your space.  Price upon request

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Woven Tables by Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta transforms tabletops from function to high fashion with the Woven Tables. Boasting a waterfall style, these dark, supremely textured pieces add a bit of mystery to wherever you place them in no matter which size you choose.


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The Puzzle Table

Get in where you fit in. Gulla Jonsdottir delivers the Puzzle Table with combines glamor with geometry. Individual, perfectly flushed sections define this amazing piece that looks great together or apart. This is a puzzle you want to figure out. Price upon request

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Aeron Coffee Tables

High gloss, light reflecting, sophisticated. Those three word appropriately define the Aeron Coffee Tables. Delivered in an array of sizes, this hexagonal piece plays with light creating captivating prisms wherever it's placed. A solid one both in design and style, no living space is complete without this dimensional darling. Price upon request  

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Out System Platform Wallpaper

Designed by Bertero Panto Marzoli Out System’s Platform Outdoor Wallpaper epitomizes style with it’s third dimensional look and feel. Creating depth, shadows, corners and modern edge to your home’s exterior this outdoor wallpaper is next level and so now. Price upon request

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