Real Estate Report: In Altadena, it's All About The Chickens Out Back

The Basics: A 5-bed, 6-bath Spanish Mediterranean house in Altadena, built in 1927 and extensively renovated, Asking $2.495M.

Not So Basic: From the front, a classic stucco house. While the interiors are suitably grand and comfortably decorated in a kind of Shabby Chic-meets-Gustavian, it's the back yard that really caught our eye. Raised beds for vegetables. An arbor. A luxe hen house with chickens in it. Probably room for a goat or two, somewhere.

What We Love: The idea of having enough room and interest to grow both one's own produce and keep chickens— especially when it replaces a tennis court.  

Although we'd rather have a wood-fired pizza oven, this outdoor kitchen in its own pergola makes a statement:

Serious outdoor entertaining spaces:

Plus a swell kitchen:

 So while we like the idea of a good farmer's market as much as the next serious cook, this place would mean a lot less to schlep home. Aside from the irresistably romantic notion of going out in pajamas and getting the raw materials for breakfast. Here's how it lays out:

More: The realtor's exceptional dedicated site is worth a look, and includes a blow-by-blow history of the house plus images of the interior.

Listing: 1691 East Mendocino Street, Altadena [Teed Clark & Partners]





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