Open House Obsession: This Weekend, Have a Look at a Remade Clarendon Heights Mid-Century, $5.4M

Where: 140 St. Germain Avenue, Clarendon Heights, $5.399M
When: Saturday, February 2 from 2:00Pm to 4:00PM, Sunday, February 3 from 12:00PM to 2:00PM
What: Once a classic Mid-Century house in a Mid-Century neighborhood, 140 St. Germain Avenue is one of many period houses on the north slop of Twin Peaks/Mt. Sutro that's been remade in the past few years. The architects at SF Modern re-skinned it with stucco and horizontal wood walls but left the basic form intact. Another of San Francisco's "almost" demolitions, where the owners leave a few walls standing but basically replace the house. In this case, they also added an elevator.

 Inside, the windows of the living and dining spaces disappear into the walls, opening the upper level to the view– in a neighborhood that often finds itself above the fog– extending from Mt. Tamalpais to Oakland. The kitchen extends to the front of the house, and yes, that range hood has been sheathed in marble:

There are two courtyards sheltered from the prevailing winds. Downstairs on the lower levels, the expected comfortable bedrooms and baths, and a really great master closet. Even given the wide-angle lens used for the listing images, this is still a big house.

Lots more images at the listing link, at top. Although the current owners have softened up the project's hard edges considerably, it could still return to a more minimalist vibe depending on your aesthetic, so check out SF Modern's project images from 2010.

Downside: It was on the market unsold last year. It was purchased in 2011 for $5.2M and remains basically unchanged, so raising the asking price may or may not make sense.

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