Open House Obsession: New Construction in Noe Valley With a Vintage Cottage Out Back

Where: 680 Douglass Street, Noe Valley
When: Saturday and Sunday, April 20 and 21, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm
What: About 2 years ago, this small, pre-earthquake cottage sold for $729K. Built before the neighborhood was platted, it wound up at the very back of its lot. Fast forward more than a hundred years and the front yard is large enough to build another house– and still fit into San Francisco's stringent Planning Department and historic neighborhood guidlines.

The completed 5-bed, 4-bath, 2 half-bath (total) project came on the market this week asking $3.195M, with the highly-finished kitchen very much the focus, between the living room and a glass wall that opens to a patio and the cottage.

The master suite occupies the top floor, and if this is what it means to get sent to the attic, we'll say "Yes, please."

There's also a laundry closet to reckon with on the top floor landing, behind a barn door. There's another laundry room in the cottage.

The back of the house, below. The new house's footprint was determined by one critical dimension– having 25 feet between the old and new structure, plus there's also a dedicated street entrance/egress for the cottage under the house.

Below, the new front last week and the overgrown lot in 2011:

Check out the realtor's exemplary dedicated site 680Douglass.Com (with floorplans– they make it so much easier to understand what you're looking at.)
Downside: Aside from spending over $3M? It's a great house and perfect for an extended family or one with an au pair (or two.) I doubt the cottage will be considered a rental property– and it mught just wind up being HQ for someone's start-up.

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