Elevon, The New Worker’s Paradise At Campus El Segundo

Designed by Ehrlich Architects, this innovative neighborhood of commercial condominiums reflects the new realities of a creative workplace. A landscaped, 15-building community of low-rise structures clad in seamed steel and stucco, elevon has an almost residential vibe, so different from the surrounding commercial developments, plus offering companies an architecture and design cred that office towers just can't deliver. You can't live here, sadly, but it does give new meaning to "living at work".

Avaiable in various sizes and configurations from 2,000 square feet to 28,000 square feet, office spaces at elevon offer a unique opportunity as long term investments. There's absolutely nothing like on the market in Los Angeles, and it's no surprise that the freshly completed project is 65% sold.

What’s In A Name: Located just south of LAX, elevon is a tribute to the site's historic role in airplane and aerospace development (an “elevon” is the component of a plane’s wing that controls pitch and direction) and an appropriate metaphor for the target creative community of media and software companies. This worker's paradise includes "garden rooms" with roll-up garage doors, and the dog-friendly campus offers abundant outdoor space. Yes, that's a bocce court, below.

More: Check out the Elevon at Campus El Segundo website for additional information and images. As for neighbors, the Lakers just closed escrow on the adjacent property where their new practice facility will rise.

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