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 "Go west, young man," was the advice given to adventurers hoping to strike it big.  Chef Jessi Singh and his wife Jennifer Singh take that advice to heart, with the opening of Babu Ji in San Francisco.

When we profiled ceramicist Ben Medansky in our fall issue, he never anticipated how his summer would turn out.  An Instagram post of a smoke cloud covering Los Angeles’ skyline on July 23, captioned “Shit, I hope that’s not me”, was an understated harbinger of the destruction that followed.

Which came first, the food or the art? From New York to San Francisco, museums are, more and more, places where you'll find not only intriguing art but intriguing food as well.

Taking a home from the nice to the sublime rests on its layers. The blankets, baskets, rugs and vases, that make it uniquely yours. These are the knick knacks we inherit from our families, pick up at thrift stores and craft fairs, or, if we're lucky, collect on our travels.