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Whether for indoor or outdoor use, terrariums are a great way to create your own little biosphere. Even if you were not born with a green thumb, terrariums provide an excellent environment for plants to thrive. So if you want to create your own floral diorama check out these beautiful hand-blown terrariums now available at the Heath Ceramics showroom in Sausalito.

You don't have to worry about losing things in this sofa. Designer Sule Koc has created a stripped down sofa with a skeletal frame and easy to arrange cushions named the Sofist. One end of the sofa has a built in table and the other end has a built in filing cabinet (this takes working from home to a whole new level.) Though I'm a little worried about the comfort factor, I'm kind of digging it. What do you guys think?

Submit now for our Readers' Room Contest: Pools and Outdoor Rooms Do you have a fabulous pool hangout? A outstanding outdoor room? Send us your pool and outdoor room pictures by July 7 and our reader's will vote on their favorite. The winner will be featured in our next issue of CH+D.

San Francisco-based woodworker Jeremiah Nielson has been customizing wood furniture for over 18 years and is now releasing his own line of Mid-Century furniture called the Jeremiah Collection. All the furniture is handmade from solid walnut, white oak or reclaimed wood. Each piece is one of kind and doesn't hide from slight imperfections by trying to fill them in or cut around them, resulting in a beautiful balance between of modernity and nature.

A main theme behind steampunk design is trying to discover how products would look today if technology advanced, but never quite changed, from its late 19th century aesthetic. Hence, a cell phone with a rotary dial. Designer Richard Clarkson has created the Rotary Mechanical Smartphone that features two interchangeable brass dials (a true rotary dial and a button dial.) The phone is then covered in Electroplated copper and given a paint job to finish off the retro-futuristic look.

If you happen to follow my blog posts (highly recommended) you may have noticed that I have an affinity for products that provide double duty (BBQ's disguised as plants, photo albums that act as coffee tables and stools made from magazines) are just a few examples. The latest one, is the Kitchen Bull from Toro Lengo, a knife block that also acts as a bookcase. It's a great way to house your cookbooks in the open without taking up too much counter space.

While most butterfly chairs consist of a steel frame wrapped in canvas or leather, this past May at the ICFF in NYC, designer Laurie Beckerman debuted her own version of the chair made entirely from Lucite. Inspired by the ethereal beauty of the material, Beckerman's Butterfly Chair appears to be on the verge of flight.

French lighting company Beau & Bien took the common dress form (a favorite accessory in interior design) and has added leatherette and a lacquered paper shade to create the Lady Smoon lamp. Personally, it sort of reminds me of the infamous Lady Leg Lamp much lampooned in the movie A Christmas Story, but not nearly as tacky. What do you guys think, classy or trashy?

If you haven't noticed, typewriters aren't all the rage today. Those still owning them include the elderly, some struggling novelists, and more than a few hipsters. I'm not sure if Keira Rathbone falls into any of these categories, but if I had to make a wager, I'm guessing the last one. Labels aside, she is making some amazing art that I never would have thought possible on a typewriter.

Actually, more like eleven nightstands were designed as part of a quest by PIN-UP Magazine and  Phillips de Pury & Company to reinvent the nightstand. This one, created by Leon Ransmeier, is my favorite; it makes getting a drink of water in the middle of the night a cinch. Check out the other 10 nightstand designs at