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What happens when you have great style, great ideas, a new place, a knowledge of design and an adorable dog? You share it on Instagram the same way Kate Arends of Wit & Delight has done.Kate knows how to get you engaged.

High above the Sunset Strip, nestled behind a host of lush trees is 7801 Hillside Ave, a contemporary-Mediterranean wonder.

You know how they say either you’ve got it or you don’t? Well, one of our favorite influencer-vintage rug seller-mommy-DIY darling-bloggers has it.

They say everything old is new again. We’ll accept that notion. Because when we heard about Lionel Richie’s home decor line, Lionel Richie Home,  it was like getting a call from an old friend and rekindling that relationship all over again.

When a designer rubs elbows with some of the biggest celebrities around and creates designs that are defining our time, you want the inside scoop on their day-to-day.

When looking through the eyes of Vito Selma, we see the beauty of a faraway land that serves as pure inspiration for his innovative, handcrafted design.

                  Aerin Lauder needs a place in everyone’s life.

To a lot of people, design and glamour seem to run in the same circle. If you take just one look at designer Ashlina Kaposta's Instagram, you'll think the exact same thing.

When your idea of the house with the white picket fence is a little more grand and you’re envisioning an extended, private driveway under a canopy of trees, city-to-ocean views and 3,560 square feet then you look to put an offer on the exclusive Paul Williams traditional at 1634 Blue Jay Way.Nestled