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Palo Alto-based Lobird Illustrated Stationery specializes in personalized notes, invitation suites and personalized gift tags and enclosures. Each of their products begins with an original piece of artwork. 

 Just like most things, the convenience of interior design is online. Online services can be a cost-effective way to create luxe rooms without high fees. Check out virtual offerings from L.A.'s design pros...

Soak in a day of culture once each month by wandering through downtown LA on a self-guided tour. Get the scoop on what to see this this Thursday!

Most of us would rather scour our hip, local boutiques to find the next design 'gem' for our homes. It's  much more fun to talk about how you found - say, that amazing Dorothy Draper Low Vanity in nearly pristine condition in the back room of a funky resale shop than how you logged onto and punched in a few numbers to purchase a run-of-the-mill set that's description raves about how it has a really "lovely espresso" finish (and more than once.)

If you ever find yourself surrounded by Japanese pop art and a gaggle of French maids serving English tea, don't panic. You're not hallucinating or on the set of a new Quentin Tarantino film. You're at Los Angeles' Royal/T.

Living big in LA? We've got a round-up of the hottest design and architecture events, sales and more happening this weekend! 

We've had some rainy weather around California the past few weeks, which has us longing for the lovely days of summer. Take a (mental) break from the storms with these beautiful SoCal landscapes, courtesy of some of our favorite firms out there!

Spring is just around the corner and what a better time to start thinking outside the house. Whether you have the space and the time for just one plant or an entire yard full, make sure to welcome the new season by adding some green into your surroundings. We've rounded up some of our favorite ways to just that - from funky to innovative, you'll love these outdoor offerings from L.A. designers and local shops.  

In our April issue, we take a peek inside David Meister and Alan Siegel's incredible Palm Springs home, which got us fixated on yet another weekend getaway out there.. Palm Springs is one of California's top design hot spots and the city's Uptown Design District is the heart of this modernist haven. Take a look inside some of our favorite spots.