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Easter weekend is almost here and while some will be hunting decorated eggs, others will be searching for estate sale bargains. Here's a hint: Head out to the Twin Peaks neighborhood for a sale at 9 Warren Drive.

This week the blog Handful of Salt morphed into an online magazine. The SF-based venture will still cover the intersection of contemporary craft, design and art (editor Regina Connell calls it  DesignCraft), but there are some big (and slick) changes in store. Here at CH+D, we value craftsmanship and design, so we asked Connell a few questions about the new look and feel of the popular brand.

Tango, the new lighting fixture from California-based Corbett Lighting, gives design lovers a reason to dance.

For many people a water bottle is a permanent desk accessory. In fact, I know people that I've never seen without a water bottle on their person and I myself tote one around the office. Of course, in the design world, if you are going to have it, it should look good and function beautifully. It's time to recycle my unsightly and politically incorrect Crystal Geyser plastic embarrassment for something more stylish.

Who among us doesn't harbor a fantasy of ditching the job commitments, the stresses of city life and the hell of traffic and moving to a tiny Northern California hamlet? Maybe you can't realize that daydream, but you can buy a piece of it starting tomorrow at a special estate sale in the tiny town of Graton, California (pop. 1,815).

You have tons of brilliant ideas—they would make you rich if only there was  a place to jot them down when inspiration strikes. IdeaPaint could save the day.

From Chilewich roller shades to SFO flights, there's a host of sales going on now.

In the world of designers Garry Graham and Tony Vermillion color is king; vintage fashions from the 70s are alive and well; and art from the 80s is something to be celebrated, not scorned. This week the New York transplants bring their style to an unexpected corner of the Mission in  their new store Vermillion Graham.

Design is a very contextual thing. What looks like a million bucks in one situation could look like a big mistake in another. Although not a lover of window decals, I can see their problem-solving capabilities—especially in an urban area where your "view" might be a light well or the peeling paint on the north side of the neighbor's house.

Color Pops, the new line of outdoor fabrics from Perennials Fabrics refuses to take itself seriously and brings a punch of fun to the patio.