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1. Why is sustainability such a core component of the company’s philosophies and how have your sustainable practices evolved over time? When Dennis Allen started building in the 1970s, it was shortly after the first oil shortage.

1. How do New York and Chicago differ in terms of design sensibility and style? New York and Chicago are quite on par stylistically, it depends on the clientele and how daring they allow me to be with their design. 2.

New is nice, but sometimes you want to stock up on items with a story. Here are our picks for the top 10 most interesting vintage and antique flea markets throughout California. 1.

The staff at Remède Spa face a major challenge every day: transport guests from the hustle, bustle, and occasional insanity of downtown San Francisco to a serene, peaceful hideaway that feels a million miles away.

1. How has your background in fashion influenced your progression into interior design?It taught me about balance, color, fabrics and helped me to create my own style.2.

1. How did you get your start in interior furnishings?I fell in love with the quality and beauty of antique fabrics and trimmings and decided that it was something I needed to be around. So I decided to open a showroom. 2. What differentiates Janet Yonaty, Inc.

Sometimes you need a little beauty with your beverage. Whether you're indulging in a world class cocktail or keeping it clean with a cold pressed juice, these high design bars will quench your thirst for deluxe design.  1. Maison Eight21/F,8 OBSERVATORY Road - TST - Hong Kong  2.

1. How did you first get started in design, and what led you to starting your own company?I worked in visual merchandising before moving to interior design. I had a friend in New York that knew a designer looking for a design assistant. The rest, as they say, is history. 2.

1. How did the idea for HEWN come about?In 2012, we decided to close our successful retail store, JAK Home and were plotting our next move.

1. How did you get started in design?I must confess that I was “in the closet” for a very long time when it comes to design: I denied the fact that I loved all aspects of design - fashion, cars, interiors and everything in between.