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Mention the Grande Colonial to anyone remotely familiar with the seaside village of La Jolla, and you'll immediately be met with nods of approval and maybe even a hint of envy.

1. Tell us about Snaidero’s history – why bring Italian kitchen design to the American home?  Snaidero founder Rino Snaidero wanted to reach the Italian community in Toronto by bringing Italian design to North American homes.

Winter is that annoying party guest that always overstays its welcome. You get all excited to greet it after Thanksgiving, and then you forget it will be staying with you long after the charm of those Christmas twinkle lights wears off.

1. How did growing up in a family of artists influence you? In part, I would say it was a defining role in my childhood. I was taught that everything was art in some form.  When I was only a few months old, I tore a long piece of paper. My father viewed it as my first art.

How did growing up in Tel Aviv influence your work?Growing up in Tel Aviv, I was surrounded by the city’s early 20th century, International Style architecture, which dominated the landscape. The city is home to one of the best collections of Bauhaus or International Style architecture in the world.

1. How did you and Annette start ArtHaus and what was the motivation behind it?  JB: Picture it; San Francisco, 1996. We were co-directing Martin Lawrence Gallery’s flag ship location in Union Square. It was my day off. I phoned Annette and asked her to meet me at the Red Room.

It's officially Awards Season. Are you ready? From this Sunday's Golden Globes all the way to the Academy Awards February 26, you'll want to be glued to your television screen for all the memorable red carpet moments, heartfelt speeches, and (fingers crossed) cringe-worthy fashion disasters.

1. Who is your biggest role model? The great minds of the mid-century modern movement - who have introduced a whole new philosophy of design, production and use. Depending on the pieces we create, we often find inspiration through the works of such greats as Calder, Aalto, Prouvé, to name a few. 2.

Ready or not, 2016 is coming to an end ("READY!!!" - literally everyone). If you were too busy these last few weeks marveling at the year's neverending insanity and/or eating all the things (see: holidays), you may not have had time to make New Year's Eve plans. Relax.

1. Who is your biggest role model?My biggest role model is my grandfather. He passed away 17 years ago, but he taught me so much. He really sparked my interest in design because he was a master builder and could make anything with his hands.