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1. Who is your biggest role model?First Lady Michelle Obama. Like me, she is a mother to two girls, she was raised in Illinois and she has a Midwestern work ethic. For me, she embodies profound balance.

1. Who is your biggest role model?Would have to say my parents. They had such  great style and a love of design. 2. Which movie or play do you wish you could have designed the set for?A Single Man. The sets were perfection! 3.

If you’ve ever dreamed of escaping to your very own vacation home, but crave the service and amenities of a resort, the Puccini Group has you covered.

1. Who is your biggest role model?Growing up, my mother’s parents were super eclectic and major role models for me. They lived in the California desert and made all these wonderful additions and structures to their simple, single-level, ranch home.

1. Who is your biggest role model?I was raised in upstate New York where the woman’s suffrage movement began and my grandmother, Doris Crego, who was very active politically and encouraged women to vote, was an amazing role model.

Christian Liaigre, the man responsible for making sure the likes of Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, and Rupert Murdoch live in style, is giving the world a sneak peak of his visionary projects.© Mark Seelen – LIAIGRE/Editions Flammarion© Mark Seelen – LIAIGRE/Editions Flammarion© Camille Gentil – LIAI

Some of us love the challenge of picking out the perfect piece of furniture to complement a space. And some of us…aren’t quite up to the task.

1. Who is your biggest role model?In design, Martha Stewart hands down. She built an empire by knowing her voice and sticking to it. It’s so important in design, and specifically in building a brand, to know your strengths and to create things your gut tells you is right.

Playtime is getting serious with the unveiling of the newly reimagined iconic Chicago Athletic Association.

Downtown Los Angeles has undergone a major makeover in recent years and another new addition to the area is making it one of the most covetable neighborhoods in town.