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Built for a Mid-Western industrialist in 1916, this house by Marston + Van Pelt still retains its original grandeur.

A benefit auction for the Fire Island Arts Residency, the first LGBT program of its kind, was underway online when a fire destroyed the organization’s summer quarters in the legendary town of Cherry Grove. The sale has been expanded and extended to April 8.

A luxe condo from Teed-Haze and staged by Green Couch Design, in their signature, almost-over-the-top style, is open this weekend.

In 1946, the eminent Southern California architect Garret Van Pelt built this exquisitely simple house for himself.

Architect Buzz Yudell and colorist/painter Tina Beebe designed their own house in Santa Monica to be both exquisite and self-reliant.

On view today through Saturday, March 21– the Gagosian Gallery is hosting a preview of works to be sold in May at Sotheby’s for the benefit of MOCA.

Coming up at Bonhams later this month, the collections of Lauren Bacall yield a glimpse of the extraordinary film icon.

The Chicago auction house is offering a selection of modern design that runs from fabulous to suave to quirky and back again. You can view, and bid, online.

San Francisco is a town with no shortage of legendary views. This house in Clarendon Heights has some of the best, and it’s open on Sunday, March 15 from 2:00pm-4:00pm.

Exposed concrete and rough surfaces play off cool white walls and filtered light. Open on Sunday, March 8th from 2:00pm-5:00pm.