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Open on Sunday, this house on the famous Filbert Steps has a roof-top deck and incredible views.

Here's an opportunity to see one of Los Angeles' key post-WWII architectural and social monuments, designed by architect Gregory Ain in 1947 and open on Sunday.

One of San Francisco's best small houses is on the market and open this Sunday. A great example of living in small spaces with high design, this 1-bed, 1.5-bath was designed for a couple that spends much of their time in Berlin, but it's not just a pied-à-terre– it's a fully functioning house for two.

There are three open houses this weekend worth going to in Venice/Santa Monica– a condo (above) by Michael Folonis, one by Michael Sant, and a house by Mark Mack. Click on the addresses for more images and information.

One of Berkeley's great Arts & Crafts Style houses, and in impeccable original condition, the Maybeck Studio will be open on Sunday. It's a rare opportunity to see one of Bernard Maybeck's most interesting houses.

Inspired by LA architect Bernard Zimmerman's early-60s Altschuler/Greenberg house in Sherman Oaks, we searched for classic modernist white boxes open this weekend and narrowed it down to two versions. With pools.

Before the Golden Gate Bridge was built, Marin County was a sleepy place, mostly open coastal meadow and virgin redwood forest. Wood was cheap. Many houses were built in an East Coast vernacular using local materials by ship's carpenters at turn of the 20th Century. Eager for some extra work while waiting for theirs ships to leave from San Francisco, what they built became a classic local style.

Berkeley development really took off in the era between the two World Wars in a variety of European styles. Here are three properties open this Sunday with a well-crafted Tudor look.1836 Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Thousand Oaks/North Berkeley.

Hal Levitt's own house from the 60s, the home of a major figure in LA's old live music scene from the 80s, and from the late-40s, a house that looks the part.

Built at the height of the boom— with room for all that era's excesses, this vast duplex loft is ready to be reinvented. Or at least ready to cruise through this Sunday after brunch.