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    The rest of the house is great, even if all we can think about is that chrome-yellow flokati rug in the living room.

    Sometimes, we wonder if it's possible to have too many things in black frames. Otherwise, this is a swell little apartment with great views, in a classic, vintage building.

    Tucked into the larger metropolitan area around Oakland, the little suburb of Piedmont is a trove of handsome houses built for the new rich of the early-20th Century, and here's one for sale for $3.2M.

    An unassuming c.1900 workingman's cottage on Sanchez Street in San Francisco has been transformed into a 2011 millionaire's cottage. With  probably the best new laundry room in town, it's available for $2.7M.

    They're calling it "Modern Moroccan" and we couldn't agree more. Caftans required.

  This 1959 ranch in Pacific Palisades got a recent do-over, along with a very sophisticated lounging structure overlooking a canyon and the ocean. But it's really screaming out for a cold, bright-blue swimming pool.  

    Whoever the architect was here, they were not lacking in skill.

    People love them or hate them, can't wait to restore them or can't wait to rip them out.

  Berkeley underwent a huge surge in population after that 1906 earthquake leveled San Francisco. Not surprising. What is surprising is that no one seems to have done much to this house since the Depression.

    In San Francisco, well-designed new construction can be hard to come by, but this family-sized condo in the Bernal Heights neighborhood is one that succeeds fairly well. Plus it's in a part of Bernal Heights that's getting "interesting".