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In San Francisco's Japantown, a condo within striking distance of sushi, cinema and the best spa in town.

    There's a great little house on the market this week in the Berkeley Hills, hidden in the trees. It needs some work, asking $649K, and is open on Sunday, June 3.

"Usonian" usually refers to the low-slung, affordable houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, but it's also a handy term to describe similar houses by his followers. Here's one, architect unknown, from 1955, that needs some love. And $1.595M.  

A Gregory Ain house built in 1952– with a pool house by Pierre Koenig built two decades later.

355 Bryant is one of San Francisco's great timber-and-brick loft buildings, and one the first conversions, dating back to 1992. In this loft owned by interior designer Steve Volpe there's a classic  John Dickinson galvanized steel console we'd kill for.  The fluffy lambswool chairs aren't bad either.

  You may not get to marry as often, but her house in Bel Air is for sale as the ailing actress and her eighth husband look for more manageable quarters.

  It's hard to call this three-story structure a "house" in the conventional sense. That doesn't make it any less an object of desire.

    The rest of the house is great, even if all we can think about is that chrome-yellow flokati rug in the living room.

    Sometimes, we wonder if it's possible to have too many things in black frames. Otherwise, this is a swell little apartment with great views, in a classic, vintage building.

    Tucked into the larger metropolitan area around Oakland, the little suburb of Piedmont is a trove of handsome houses built for the new rich of the early-20th Century, and here's one for sale for $3.2M.