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  This 1959 ranch in Pacific Palisades got a recent do-over, along with a very sophisticated lounging structure overlooking a canyon and the ocean. But it's really screaming out for a cold, bright-blue swimming pool.  

    Whoever the architect was here, they were not lacking in skill.

    People love them or hate them, can't wait to restore them or can't wait to rip them out.

  Berkeley underwent a huge surge in population after that 1906 earthquake leveled San Francisco. Not surprising. What is surprising is that no one seems to have done much to this house since the Depression.

    In San Francisco, well-designed new construction can be hard to come by, but this family-sized condo in the Bernal Heights neighborhood is one that succeeds fairly well. Plus it's in a part of Bernal Heights that's getting "interesting".

  Next to one of Los Angeles' most important architectural sites, a modernist condo is aggressively architectural infill.

  Some guys have a party room in the basement. This guy has a party house. Sold in 2007 for $3.8M, it's been on and off the market this year, now asking $2.9M, and brings new meaning to the term Man Cave.

    Looking at online real estate listings, we see a lot of kitchens. Most of them are afflicted with too much polished granite and too many cabinets. Some are so elaborate we can't imagine anyone cooking in them, while others are an unrelenting, melancholic brown. Here are three kitchens that break the mold.

  In San Francisco's Bernal Heights, a vintage cottage gets reinvented with salvaged bits and clever details, including roll-up doors.

    In Venice, a house divided between two pavilion-like structures, connected with a bridge.