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The hills of Marin County are littered with crappy stucco MacMansions. Here's an exception in San Anselmo.

There's nothing quite like the possibilities of an empty apartment.

  Fresno gets no respect. On the other hand, there's a burgeoning interest in its unique midcentury architecture, and this Usonian-style house from 1954 is a gem.

There's something to be said for watching the grapes grow from your infinity pool.

Built in 1948, this house is big and luxurious but still has a post-WWII simplicity about it, plus some design details straight from Frank Lloyd Wright.

  In a neighborhood of neat houses and well-trimmed lawns, you have to wonder if the neighborhood kids are scared of this place. Inside, it's not scary at all.

Sometimes, realtors and their clients like to be coy. Here's a house in Oakland that's not on the MLS, has no address, and the price is available only "on request."

  This charming William Wurster house in Berkeley has been languishing on the market since May, 2010. Let's see if a little surgery won't bring out its inherent good looks.

Marin County's Sausalito is full of quirky mid-century houses. This one's renovation takes it completely over the top.

  The Cold War was on, Eisenhower and Nixon were in office. The Red Scare was in full swing, especially in Los Angeles, and someone built this house.