SoCal Spas That Dazzle


Some think a spa day is all about massages, saunas, aromatherapy and bathrobes…and it is, but it’s all about design too. Up and down the glittering Southern California coast, through the cities, mountains, and deserts are stunning spots who’ve taken relaxation to the next level with a lot of creativity and unique design. When you’re trying to decompress everything matters, even down to the feel of the wallpaper. From West Hollywood to Catalina Island to Downtown LA these are three spas that are working double time to keep your stress levels low, your skin glowing, and your eyes twinkling at the sight of such beautiful interiors.

Kate Somerville | 8428 Melrose Place West Hollywood, (323) 655-7546

Considered among many Angelenos to be the best skincare spa in town, Kate Somerville Skincare Clinic does not disappoint. The decor stuns from the time you walk through the unassuming little door and into a foyer that’s nothing short of fascinating. An oversized white wingback, lush orchids, and pearlescent wallpaper dazzle, while a dripping chandelier and a spiraling staircase all lead the way to relaxation.

In the decked out spa you’ll experience things like the DermalQuench Treatment Facial (a popular pick), but you’ll also get a history lesson as the clinic was once the home of Costume Designer Adrian and his wife, actress Janet Gaynor. Adrian designed those memorable ruby slippers for The Wizard of Oz as well as coined Joan Crawford’s shoulder pad style. The clinic was also Sean Connery’s home while he filmed the Bond movies. The deep history remains in the walls as the clinic maintains all of the original molding and door frames, however now the walls are covered with dove grey suede and textured pearl wall paper. Clearly, the Old Hollywood glam runs strong through the recption area, a real dose of eye candy, where you’ll find a luxe iridescent tiled fireplace, cherry blossom planters, opulent chandeliers, French windows that look out to the charming alcoves of West Hollywood, as well as a big cozy pintucked sofa.


Kate Somerville’s treatment rooms are as decadent and dazzling as the building they’re housed in. Luscious sheets cover the beds and pink orchids accent each room while more of the pearled paper lines the walls.


Island Spa Catalina | 163 Crescent Ave Avalon, (877) 778-6454


Carrying the spirit of the sea to the spa, Catalina’s luxurious Island Spa Catalina gives seaside design a welcomed and decadent update.


The spa is nestled into the historical El Encanto building which features classic Spanish architecture and looks out to the Pacific, but nothing about the inside is classic. Instead, it’s flood of color and style where teal and blue reign supreme. Island Spa Catalina boasts 15,000 square feet of indoor space where you’ll find nine treatment rooms all with breathtaking views of the ocean. While the scene outside is one to wax poetic about, blue skies, sand, and surf,  the treatment room shares the same vibe. A crisp white palette marks the space, while neutral drapes frame pretty French windows and dazzling chandeliers hang overhead. The same elements from outside are brought in with bold blue tiled walls, in-room soaking tubs, sand tables, and island grown treatment ingredients.


The seaside sanctuary doesn’t stop there, however, locker rooms carry on the rich design elements with birchwood lockers and jewel-toned walls. Best way to relax at Island Spa Catalina? With a cat-nap, the signature warm sand table treatment that involves dozing off to dream about the space you’re in.




The Springs LA | 608 Mateo Street Los Angeles,(213) 223-6226


The Springs in LA is more than a relaxation haven. It’s relaxation, DTLA style with a “yoga DJ,” a juice bar, a raw vegan restaurant, holistic healing clinic, and more. You won’t get the LA luxe spa vibe here, instead it’s 14,000 square feet of ultra-hip wellness.

Done up by Design Bitches, the wellness space was once a cinder block warehouse, but has been transformed in to a cheerful, natural light welcoming wonderspace. The Bitches went all out by playing up the space’s natural beauty by adding custom plywood cubbies to the juice bar and custom concrete block planters, a nod to the already alluring concrete space. While natural light is The Springs’ best asset, LED strip lights allow the place to glow at night (in time for the yoga DJ set). The floors? They’re concrete, but they’re warmed up thanks to the flood of greenery and art throughout the space, particularly palms and murals by local artists like Angelina Christina.

The place also features rope screens as room dividers, blocking off the restaurant (where you’ll find custom café tables and bright yellow Broom Chairs by Phillipe Stark for Emeco) and lounge space, which is a happy holistic haven of blue and turquoise Acapulco chairs and lanterns.