Design Destination: Rosas & Xocolate


No one can deny that flowers and chocolate have a way of working a certain kind of magic on people. Imagine a place that was devoted to nothing but. Now snap out of your daydream and open your eyes to Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel in Mérida, Mexico.

What started as a delightful concept for Kolozs Carol Fischer (CEO) quickly transformed into a beautiful homage to his mother, Rosa, and a bold recognition of the town’s storied history with cocoa. Fischer commissioned a host of artists, designers, and craftsmen to bring the place to life and remain dedicated to the concept even down to the smallest detail.


With a historical framework, Rosas & Xocolate was originally two adjacent colonial-style mansions, which had gone uninhabited for over twenty years. But with the artistic eye and architectural know-how of Salvador Reyes Rios and Josefina Larrain of the firm Reyes Rios + Larrain, the place was transformed. The team maintained the rich history that was already laced within and added beautiful elements like water fountains, restored antiques, luscious wooden furnishings, breathtaking tiles, and romantic lighting. They even looked backwards when treating the hotel walls by utilizing an ancient Mayan technique, Chukum, an act of cutting tree bark, boiling it and mixing the dye that is produced with white cement for a beautiful and organic effect.


Every corridor, every corner, every room throughout Rosas & Xocolate is its own. Kolozs sought to not only blend Yucatecan colonial culture with old-world European influence and ancient Mayan culture, but to deliver sensorial wonderment through seventeen beautifully designed rooms, a restaurant, and bar that boasts calming water gardens and an overflow of natural light and an all-organic spa.

Each of Rosas & Xocolate’s seventeen rooms features cheerful pink accents that warm your spirit. The mix of natural wood and crisp white bedding sends your right into euphoria. Not to mention high-ceilings and outdoor bathtubs designed for a true immersion of relaxation, comfort, and bliss. 

The hotel’s namesake restaurant focuses on gastronomic fusion. And while the fare is mind-blowing, the restaurant design is riveting. Keeping with that warming rose, hue, the restaurant features non-stop nods with outdoor seating that’s bathed in pink. There you’ll also find an impressive wine library and of course, chocolate.

But nothing captivates so much as the spa, where these two elements of magic, roses and chocolate combine. The spa call itself a “sensory refuge spa.” What does that mean to you? It means, high-touch, low-tech and the most mind-blowing spa experience yet. They’re all about looking backward in order to move forward offering treatments that are guided by ancient techniques and traditional indigenous Mexican culture. That also means that all ingredients are natural and you can expect nothing short of organic herbs, spices, essential oils, fragrant roses, and decadent chocolate. One word: perfection.

If you were able to bottle up those feelings of warm and pure, unfiltered happiness, you’d find them here, between the rustic walls of Rosas & Xocolate. Your senses are overrun with goodness as you take in the fragrant air, the rich flavors, the design, and the essence that is committed to making your world a more warm and beautiful place.