Design Destination: Travel That Rewards


Design seems to touch the farthest flung spaces in our world. The latest example—Piper & Heath, a bespoke travel company based in San Diego, that specializes in designing fantasy trips throughout Africa. Taking into account clients’ goals and limitations, the Piper & Heath team creates an immersive experience of African wilderness. From a camping trip in the rivers of Kaokoland, to a mountain biking tour across western Namibia, you will experience the natural beauty that Africa has to offer. 


A waterfall in Zambia.

The visual splendor continues once you arrive at your designated camp, with the simple sophisticated interiors that allow the nature that surrounds to shine. Adorned with authentic campaign furniture, art and textiles handmade by local artisans and layers of rich wood, the understated luxury at each camp is designed for serenity. Nestled on the banks of the Selinda Spillway, serving as a connector between the Linyanti swamps and the Okavango Delta, is Selinda Camp. Equipped with an on-site chef and massage therapist you can stay in one of nine luxury tents, each containing a four-poster bed and stone bathtub offering panoramic views of the grasslands just outside. You will most certainly encounter one of the many animals that claim the Spillway for their home as it’s recognized for the high concentration of elephant herds who migrate to the Linyanti water sources. 

“Our top priority is to invest significant time talking with each guest so that we can develop an itenerary that perfectly suits them.” – Chris Liebenberg, founder of Piper & Heath.

Private quarters at Selinda Camp, where visitors can enjoy elephants from their porch!

The interiors at Toka Leya Camp.

A lounge area for relaxing at Selinda Camp in Botswana.

A magical night on the porch of a room at Mombo Camp.

The Dining Tent at Toka Leya Camp in Zambia


As seasoned safari veterans with generations of family ties dating back hundreds of years in Africa, the owners of Piper & Heath create custom experiences that actively support the local economies and preservation efforts of native endangered species. “We are committed to non-consumptive utilization of wilderness environs that benefit ecology, communities, wildlife and the visitors,” says Liebenberg. One of their partner organizations, The Wilderness Wildlife Trust, has successfully completed the largest ever cross-border translocation of the critically endangered black rhino. “This is one of the most effective and pragmatic conservation NGO’s in Africa,” says Liebenberg. “We work hard to mobilize our travelers’ dollars in such a way that we can encourage conservation and political empowerment through economic emancipation of the communities who live in, near or associated with sustainable travel on the continent.”

Their efforts benefit many other programs including, Children In The Wilderness, a group whose work supports the development of children living in rural Africa. They empower the children living in the wilderness by giving them the tools and knowledge to nourish their homeland and protect the animals and environment. 

Our Publisher, Ali Grosslight along with her husband, recently completed a safari designed by Piper & Heath, across Botswana, South Africa and more. While on her adventure she had the pleasure of meeting Dereck and Beverly Joubert, a couple that make award-winning conservation films and own the Selinda Camp in Botswana while also running the Great Plains Foundation that is spearheading the Rhinos Without Borders campaign. The organization is raising money and awarness to protect the highly endangered species by relocating them to areas where poaching is not an issue. By partnering with Piper & Heath, Great Plains has developed a platform to engage the compassionate travelers who want to make an effort in preserving these mystical creatures.  

Our Publisher Ali Grosslight on safari in Botswana.

A walking safari.

Ali’s encounter with a lion at Mombo Camp in Botswana.

A picturesque dream, capturing two giraffes at sundown.

A stunning zebra, ready for her close up at Mombo Camp.

A mother and her little one on Selinda Camp in Botswana.

Clearly an experience designed for purpose not just pleasure, Piper & Heath hold the key to preserving and sharing the Africa we all dream of. A land filled with mysterious animals, vast plains and undying traditions, it’s travel that gives back while satisfying your soul. We applaud their work in tying travel to giving back. You can contact the team here to book an African adventure!