Design Destination: Suit To A T – ShayQ Bespoke


There’s a certain mystery to men’s haberdashery — the old school elegance, the sensual fabrics, the attention to the tiniest details — that is at once intimidating, nostalgic, inspirational and transformational. ShayQ, a Los Angeles-based bespoke men’s suit shop, plays off that mystique and adds a touch of Prohibition-era swagger while also bringing the price of a custom made suit in line with an off-the-rack designer suit.  

To execute their vision, the three founders, Hameed Hussain, Raza Malik and Shahaab Quraishi, turned to interior designer Christina Karras, known for bringing an aura of louche rock-n-roll swagger to whatever she touches. 

The magic begins with a client’s entry into the 700 square foot space. Visitors are steered through Faded, a fully-working barbershop, whose bright, white walls and black and white checkerboard floor promise efficiency.  A wooden bookcase on the far wall grants access to the fitting lounge 

A wooden bookcase on the far wall grants access to the fitting lounge. Behind the secret entry Karras has infused ShayQ with her trademark gothic sensibility.  Exposed brick, dark wood wainscoting and pin-striped velvet chairs create a space that feels rich and masculine. There’s even a game room, where an opulent crystal chandelier dangles above a foosball table.  


For information and to make an appointment for a fitting: ShayQ