“Art and design are different genes in the same family and one cannot exist without the other,” explains Tappan Collective founder Chelsea Neman, summing up the genesis for the collaboration, CONSORT LOVES TAPPAN, now on display at CONSORT’s Melrose Avenue store in Los Angeles. 

Tappan Collective, one of the art world’s most authoritative resources for shopping fine art, and CONSORT, the innovative home decor concept launched by Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone, are a match made in heaven. The exhibition integrates artwork by Lani Trock, Brian Merriam, Emily Knecht, Isaac Zoller, Marc Gabor, David Kitz and Annelie Vandendael into CONSORT’s collection of custom furniture, decor and vintage items for a display that is at once inspirational and instructional. Here are examples of art on shelves, casually mixed with curios, spare gallery walls, mixing frames of different styles. Vivid art co-exists with black and white prints. Colorful work by Jonni Cheatwood is animated by a sculptural light fixture; a worn leather sofa is the perfect foil for Cheryl Humphrey’s “untitled in gold”. 

“We decided to invite one of our favorite art resources, Tappan, to curate our space and shine light on the conversation between art and interior design,” says Mat Sanders, Consort founder and creative director. “You’re missing out on an amazing design opportunity if art is treated as an afterthought.” Adds Neman, “Where does art end and design begin? The relationship between art and design is truly and exercise in balance; they not only complement each other but they rely on each other.”  

The exhibit will run through mid-November at Consort’s Los Angeles store. Pieces can be purchased through the shop or directly online at