Maison Numen – A Global Marketplace With A Unique Perspective


Taking a home from the nice to the sublime rests on its layers. The blankets, baskets, rugs and vases, that make it uniquely yours. These are the knick knacks we inherit from our families, pick up at thrift stores and craft fairs, or, if we’re lucky, collect on our travels. The latter is where Maison Numen comes in. The online store is a treasure trove of beautiful objects, created by makers around the world, that are distinct and enchanting. And you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to find them. 

Maison Numen was founded by Jessica Macias and Ana Caufman. Marcias, who had returned from her honeymoon with her suitcase stuffed with the beautiful things she’d found, that were unlike anything she’d seen before, wondered if there was a way to bring them to a wider audience. With the help of Caufman, they travel around the world, seeking out highly skilled makers and innovative designers in remote corners of the world, helping them preserve their cultural identity while adapting their work for contemporary lives.  Here one will find the perfectly colored baskets, the beautifully woven hammocks, and the whimsical ceramics that are impossible for even the most tenacious traveler to find.  

More than just a marketplace, however, Maison Numen is connected to the story behind the object, the traditional techniques used to make them and the cultural background that births each piece. Originally stocked primarily with items from Latin America, including Venezuela, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Colombia, the store’s inventory grows to encompass more of the world with each season.  The current collection, Europeana, introduces sensuous blown glass from Italy and pottery from England to their diverse inventory. Equally mesmerizing are the behind-the-scenes videos that bring the pieces to vivid life, weaving together a global community, object by object and story by story.  

Visit: Maison Numen