Design Destination: Casa Cavia in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is a robust city with historical architecture, breathtaking scenery, explosive culture and rich flavors. In comes a new cultural destination Casa Cavia, the charming spot nestled in the Palermo Chico neighborhood. Hailed among the city’s fare as a new hot spot, Casa Cavia’s menu is one that tells a story and head chef, Chef Julieta Caruso, makes certain of that.


The unassuming white washed exterior boasts classic architecture, black iron detail and a rustic wooden door that opens to reveal a case study in opulence. Vastly different from the outside, the interior shows off beautifully molded walls trimmed in gold, weathered mirrors as a backdrop to dripping crystal chandeliers, gray banquets and springtime green velvet seating.

Pushing the boundaries of restaurant design the space is marked by traditional black and white tile flooring and a lush garden where marble tabletops with brass trim detail coexist among the blooms and crawling ivy. All of the dishes are handmade by ceramist Natalia Rogers and all of the staff uniforms are the creation of fashion designer Juan Daels. 


But what’s most iconic about the space, are the grand dining spaces where a collection of books hang above on the ceiling. This is a significant design detail because Casa Cavia is also a publishing house and flower shop. 


In the kitchen Chef Julieta creates poetry, with her most recent menu inspired by books. She’s taken the powerful concept of the space–as created by renowned firm KallosTurin–and translated that energy to the plate.

Connecting words with food, dishes that inspires and celebrates storymaking, Casa Cavia pulls from works like Gone with the Wind, Oliver Twist, Ulysses and many more. The menu has been designed to evoke emotion, so too has the drink menu based on preferred wines, spirits and cocktails of famous authors.


Casa Cavia creates an experience that far exceeds many blending the age-old craft of culinary with literature and architecture. Aptly considered a trifecta of cultural magnificence, it’s fair to consider no trip to Bueno Aires whole without an emotionally arousing meal here.