Gem Zone


Brad Krefman of BK Interior Design creates a sparkling backdrop for a textile and jewelry designer’s family and their worldly collection of pottery, fabric and art. Photos by John Merkl.

“In creating a home, there is definitely narrative and storytelling,” says Krefman, who’s emphatic on this point. “Our interiors always reference context, purpose, and place with the goal of navigating our clients’ personal style through thoughtfully curated spaces with a focus on premium materials and functional solutions. We conceptualize elevated spaces that are as inspiring as they are comfortable.”

That’s exemplified in this project, which marries Krefman’s vision for a beautiful, comfortable and function space with the client’s love of unique pieces. Designer and client had met through the design industry and bonded over their love of fabric. “She has a great eye for textiles,” says Krefman and she asked Krefman to help her with her home. She wanted to open up her kitchen and find ways to showcase the collections of paintings, books, and sculptures that she and her family had amassed over the course of their adventures.

Although Krefman was only hired to tackle the kitchen, master bathroom, and living room, in order to make the house feel like an integrated whole, he would need to take keep the spaces that were not on his list in mind.

Krefman is most proud of his work in the kitchen. Clunky and awkward and crammed with cabinetry, it’s now a sleek room that is a pleasure to cook in. “We streamlined the surfaces by eliminating the cabinet hardware, swapping them out for recessed finger pulls.” A skylight highlights the space’s newfound beauty.

The bathroom, formerly dark and covered in dated finishes, is now a bright, easy-care space. Floating cabinetry, luminescent Cle Tiles and a striking Davinci Marble tub, washes the room with modern elegance, reinforced by sconces from Bright on Presidio.

In the living room, neutral furniture, including a chair from Carl Hansen & Sons, a gray sectional, and a Franco Albini ottoman tops a rug found at Atacama Home. The lighting, including a chandelier by Lindsay Adelman and a standing lamp from The Future Perfect gives the room a welcoming glow. Treasures, like pieces by Dharma Maccoll and textiles by Laura Leinhard, stand out against the soothing palette.

As to the client’s reaction? “She was so thrilled, she had a party the following week!,” says Krefman. A good story with a happy ending.

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