A Heart Of Steel In Noe Valley


After decades of having its traditional wood structures decimated in the name of progress, San Francisco’s strict planning and building codes have made it almost impossible to demolish a residential structure. Over the past twenty years of tremendous prosperity, the result is a culture of renovating old houses into completely new ones, scaled to the neigborhood and with respectful street facades.

Transformed by the teams at Feldman Architecture, this structure was once a warren of badly-connected rooms. Entirely gutted, the building footprint was reduced to expand the garden, plus a new top story master suite and terrace added, set back enough so as to not be visible from the street.

The front door is behind a simple steel gate; the window openings have new steel frames that extend a few inches beyond the cement board exterior cladding, and inside to create the interior window frame details. Throughout the clear, open plan is dominated by a steel, oak and glass staircase that extends through all four levels under a skylight, filling the interior spaces with a soft, diffuse light.

Below, a planted roof and patio off the master suite.