Star Power


Interior design Jeff Andrews’ takes his own advice, creating a home for himself that adheres to the principles he shares in his book, The New Glamour: Interiors with Star Quality.

“My design philosophy is to live life beautifully and to the fullest, and to always surround yourself with things that make you happy,” says Jeff Andrews, describing the philosophy that motivates his life, his work and his design. It also informs the home he created for himself in a 1930s Spanish Colonial home in Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile neighborhood.

The former choreographer set the stage for his designs, stripping the hardware down to its original antiqued-brass finish, refinishing the oak floors, and redesigning the fireplaces with a modern look that was still architecture-appropriate. Then he slowly filled it with things he loved. “The accumulation of your belongs is one way of telling the story of your life,” he says, “So if something has personal meaning to you, even if it seems like an outlier aesthetically, try to find a way to work it into your design story.”

That tale started with the words peaceful, subdued and sophisticated and a subdued color palette of gray and obsidian. To keep it intriguing, he opted for unexpected finishes which play with light and shadow, doing the work of normally reserved for a rainbow of hues. “There’s so much beauty in texture,” he says, “Things like wallpaper, wood, and grass cloth reflect light in different ways, changing your whole experience of color.”

The serene backdrop is the ideal antidote to the vivid creativity of his work for clients such as Kaley Cuoco, Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian. Yet zen here does not mean minimal or bare. Quite the opposite. The space is delighted by Andrews’ favorite pieces, including a large collection of ceramics, from small pieces to large light fixtures by Heather Levine. Underling his passion for clay objects is a painting by Raymond Han which hangs over the fireplace in the living room. “Comfort and livability–with a touch of glamour, always!–are also key to my aesthetic,” he says.

“I can finally say that I have finally gotten this house to the place where I’m completely happy with it,” he says. “There’s not much refreshing going on these days. Now, it’s just living.”

Glamorously, of course!