Real Estate Report: $1.395M Decorator-Proof Artist’s Housing in Tujunga



Artists get to build unconventional houses. Here’s one for sale in Tujunga made of industrial steel components and wrapped around a swimming pool.

The Basics: a three-bedroom, two-bath house in Tujunga, asking $1.395M, on and off the market since mid-2008. Not So Basic: it’s about as far from conventional housing as anyone will find in Tujunga. Or anywhere else. The windows are commercial and the exterior is clad in corrugated steel and the steel structure of the house- including the ceilings- is exposed. Other finishes are concrete, tile and redwood. Built for artists Fred Fehlau and Greg de Lumeau in 2000 by Mills Studio Architects, the listing says “three bedrooms” but it’s probably one bedroom plus two studios. 

Best of all, the long lap pool is tucked into and under the structure of the house, which forms a three-story atrium at one end of the pool and is open to the canyon landscape at the other. The High Tech style of the ‘Seventies meets Piranesi etchings. Plus where else will you find a steel-and-redwood staircase lined with chain link fencing?  If only this chintz-resistant setting was in Topanga instead of Tujunga. More images at Architecture For Sale.

Listing: 9360 Reverie Road, Tujunga [Redfin]