Real Estate Report: Poor and Under-Dressed in Los Angeles for $13.7 M


Houses say a lot about their owners. Some are warm and cozy, others build to intimidate (Versailles, anyone?) A  house ready to do just that is for sale in Los Angeles.

The Basics: a four-bedroom, seven-bath house completed this year in Los Angeles. In the “bird” streets with a pool and views. Not so Basic: the asking price is $13.7 million dollars in a town swimming in over-$10M listings. Two days on the market, here’s a house guaranteed to make almost anyone feel guilty of the other cardinal sins- poor, old, overweight and under-dressed. The place is undeniably fabulous- behind a front of patinated steel panels, the house opens up to the view with glass walls that disappear. Who wouldn’t want to splash around in that pool?

Sadly, there are no photos of the “two-story waterfall” and the “26-foot fire trough” mentioned in the listing but they do show the stadium-style screening room. The kitchen is a tour-de-force of cabinets and appliances. Let’s hope they have two dishwashers because there’s no future for a dish-rack anywhere on that counter. Maybe a menu of carrot sticks and San Pellegrino?

Designed by Zoltan Pali of SPF Architects, a firm that excels in this kind of modernist luxury, along with equally over-the-top civic projects like the new Wallis Annenberg Center planned around the iconic Berverly Hills Post Office (video here.)

Listing: 9312 Nightingale Drive, Los Angeles