Real Estate Report: 1905 Swiss Chalet in Berkeley, $2.5M



Berkeley is full of splendid Arts-and-Crafts style houses, and one of the best is on the market for $2.5M.

The Basics: A classic Arts-and-Crafts style house in Berkeley with seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, circa 1905 and asking $2.5M. Not So Basic: It’s Berkeley Landmark No. 295, known as the Wallace-Sauer House, and one of the few residential buildings by John White remaining after the catastrophic fire of 1923. White was a prolific local architect and the brother-in-law of Bernard Maybeck.

The house is described as “Swiss Chalet Style” and was once shingled- the stucco came at a later date- though there’s never been much snow in Berkeley and the plan is standard bungalow with lots of cross-ventilation. The “swiss” is mostly in the hefty stair rail and balcony details, the rest of the house is classic Arts-and Crafts. There’s a great view to the west and San Francisco, and one can almost imagine the Wallace family standing in front of their new house in 1906 and watching San Francisco burn.

The vast attic with an adjoining bed and bath is worth the price of admission, as is that wisteria-covered terrace. More pictures at the realtor’s site. The other bedrooms are not especially interesting, but that seems fairly standard in houses of this period. The baths could use some updating, but the kitchen’s been expensively redone, and like the rest of the house, the mantra seems to have “do no harm.”

More images at the realtor’s site. For additional information about Berkeley’s architecture, check out Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association.

Listing: 1340 Arch Street, Berkeley  [Redfin]