Real Estate Report: Strict Modernism in Los Angeles, $2.495M




What’s compelling about Los Angeles? It’s full of interesting houses by  people re-inventing architecture, and one of these from 1964 is for sale for $2.495M.

The Basics: A sleekly-modern four-bedroom, four-bath plus one half-bath house in the Hollywood Hills, built in 1964 and asking $2.495M. Not So Basic: Designed by Bernard Zimmerman for the eminent architecture photographer Marvin Rand, restored and beautifully updated. Zimmerman was best known for his outspoken views on Modernism and had little patience for anything outside of the classic International Style canon. In addition to his teaching career he was considered something of a kvetch.

More images at the listing, but not enough; these are tantalizing views of what’s going on inside. Zimmerman delivered a classic modern house fitted to a strict grid and the renovator’s managed to keep in firmly in 1960’s. That bathroom speaks for itself, and the staging’s faultless as well, the perfect house for a collection of mid-century furniture and objects. All it needs is a pool.

Bernard Zimmerman’s Marvin Rand house via our friends at Curbed LA

Listing: 8831 Wonderland Park Avenue, Los Angeles [Redfin]