Real Estate Report: Italian Villa in the Hollywood Hills, $5.495M



It’s not every day you can buy a house with a foyer modeled after the Pantheon in Rome, but just such a rarity is on the market in Los Angeles, asking $5.495M. Now’s your chance.

The Basics: A five-bedroom, five-bath plus one half-bath “Tuscan” extravaganza in the Hollywood Hills, built in 1996, listed yesterday. Not So Basic: On and off the market since 2000AD, currently asking $5.495M. The long listing history even records price changes on the same day- most notably on Thanksgiving Day, 2008, where it dropped somewhere between the cornbread stuffing and the green bean casserole. Or went up.

It’s tough to know where to begin with a house that’s so over-the-top, but the bathroom’s a good place to start. Everyone should have a tub set in a bed of rocks.. Altogether, kudos to the craftsmen who put the place together, although a public flogging of the designer may yet come. And yes, outside, that campanile is actually an elevator.

The listing talks about great entertaining spaces, and this is clearly a place for moguls and starlets of both sexes to meet. Or work out. More pictures of this staggering display of cash (or credit) at a previous realtor’s site.

Check out more extravagance at realtor Mauricio Umansky’s tour while it’s still online.

Listing: 2703 Nichols Canyon Road, Los Angeles  [Redfin]