Real Estate Report: Live Like Dennis Hopper In Venice, $5.8M



Some of get to be legends in our own time. You can pick up where Dennis Hopper left off at his Venice compound- it’s for sale for $5.8M.

Actually, that’s the total asking price for its component parts- the main “art barn” designed for Hopper (by Brian Lindner in 1987) which includes two cottages and a swimming pool, and three studio/townhouses by Frank Gehry (from 1981) that Hopper acquired over time and connected to the barn. Since the complex was listed this past summer, the price has dropped from $6.245M and may well be broken up.

The barn structure, clad in corrugated steel, stretches from street to street, with an austere single door on one end and sliding security gates with razor wire on the other that lead to a parking area. It’s been a dicey neighborhood for a long time- how often do you see a listing that includes “barbed wire” as a feature? Like any good suburban house, one can drive into the garage, which connects directly though another roll-up door, making this an ideal space for large works of art. Hopper was a well-known and serious collector, a very good photographer and a fairly ok painter; his collection of Warhols and Basquiats sold for millions at Christie’s last month. A great place for making or collecting, although it doesn’t look especially air-conditioned. There’s always the pool.

The three Frank Gehry condos are 1980’s classics on their own, each glad in green roofing, plywood, or stucco and two of them are connected to the barn building. A full gallery of pictures at the broker’s site, and although the staging is not the greatest, the interior volumes are staggeringly huge. And yes, those are glass floors.

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Listing: 330 Indiana Avenue, Venice  [Redfin]