Real Estate Report: What do you mean, you don’t do windows?



For those of us who dream of living in the world’s largest salad spinner, our moment has arrived. This Ed Niles house in Beverly Hills has just been reduced to $10.895M.

The Basics: a six-bedroom, seven-bath house in Beverly Hills with a pool, originally asking $11.9M, now a million less. Not So Basic: a house built by a Los Angeles real estate developer and planned in more optimistic times, and dubbed by Curbed LA  “The Beverly Hills Salad Spinner.” Apparently the owner got married and now wants a more family-friendly house, but seriously, who wouldn’t want to grow up in a place like this? Plus it’s not like you’d be forced to share bedrooms with siblings.

Most of that glass and steel  “drum” around the central court is hallway. Except for the part that’s the master bathroom. The listing is silent on whether that trellis rotates, and the image (below) of the porte-cochere out front is mostly to give some idea of scale- see the tiny person in red?

Architect Ed Niles has been designing houses like this in the LA area, especially in Malibu, since the 1980’s, and most of the houses have been built on the same staggering scale, highly machined and finished, in challenging locations. So highly finished that the only evidence of human hands is most likely going to be grubby fingerprints, and if the question “how much does it cost to maintain an Ed Niles house?” is going to be asked, the answer is “you can’t afford it.” They are, however, fireproof. Only the cleaning crews will be in danger of burn-out.

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The “official” site for the house is here– with many more images.

Listing: 1169 Loma Linda Drive, Beverly Hills  [Redfin]