Real Estate Report: Severe Pin-Spotting in the Hollywood Hills, $1.885M



Mid-Century design has taken on cult status in Los Angeles. By the 1960’s, the severity of post-war design gave way to extravagant modern houses, and here’s one for sale at $1.885M.

The Basics: A two-bedroom, three-bath house plus guest quarters with bed, bath and office, circa 1962, asking $1.885M. Not So Basic: An over-the-top mix of mid-century features by Jack Ouzounian, one of Los Angeles’ more flamboyant practitioners. He didn’t do dull houses, and whoever rehabbed this one really got into the spirit. For starters, you get to the front door down some lethal-looking steps across a reflecting pool. The adjacent  family room (above) has a vaulted beamed ceiling and a sheet-metal fireplace.

The master bedroom, above, has two skylit wells (atriums, if you’re generous) one of which is a planter, the other is a shower. Instead of spreading out like the ranch style it emulates, it’s two stories built into a hillside with the working end of an infinity pool turned into a parapet/walkway and downstairs, an office and guest room with a fireplace. Altogether, some swell bathrooms (check out the listings, below.)

The living room (above) has yet another interesting fireplace. Taken altogether, downgrading the lighting and removing half the furniture would be two baby steps in the right direction. Located between Mulholland Drive and the Hollywood Freeway, the house was listed in May, 2010 for $2.09M. There have been a few cuts down to the current price of $1.885M and while the house borders on reserve land, the aerial view at Redfin shows it to be cheek-by-jowl with its neighbor.

Listing: 3300 Bonnie Hill Drive, Los Angeles  via Deasy, Penner & Partners or at Redfin