Real Estate Report: Art Deco Tennis in Santa Monica, $12.45M



People play tennis in Los Angeles. Here’s one of the best courts we’ve ever seen, attached to a classic Art Deco house built in 1930, and asking $12.45M.

The Basics: three-bedroom, six-bath house in Santa Monica, with a pool, pool house and tennis court. Not So basic: It was built by Cedric Gibbons, the man who basically invented the art of production design for film, for himself and his wife, the film star Dolores Del Rio. Along with its vintage Hollywood pedigree, its got a current one- it’s owned by producer Joe Roth. Kudos to Mr. Roth for either restoring it beautifully or not doing any harm to it. It’s a film set to live in, maybe with a staff running around in felted wool slippers, but still gets a high comfy rating. On the market for about three weeks and priced at a staggering $12,45M.

Above, the entry hall and stairs up to the main living area. Opposite the stair is a fireplace and seating area, and just beyond it is the dining room. Check out the recessed lights under the stairs (below) plus the butler’s pantry and kitchen.

The living room (below) is on the second story, and we approve of the nods to Jean-Michel Frank in the armchairs and the parchment table. And that great ceiling.

The back of the house with the pool and pool house. The tennis court is just on the other side through the glass doors at right. As for the court itself, I could see it being replanted as the best vegetable garden in Santa Monica (with chickens.)

Seen previously on Curbed LA.  If you’re hungry for more, the realtor’s dedicated site comes close to redefining the term “real estate porn” and loaded with images of the house, including interior shots of the pool house. 

Listing: 757 Kingman Avenue, Santa Monica  [Redfin]