Real Estate Report: A Good Case of Cabin Fever. $1.18M



Get in touch with your inner woodsman or write the great American novel, or both, in this 1930’s lodge.

The Basics: a circa-1937 two bedroom. two bath log cabin in Woodside, on a little over an acre and asking $1.18M. Not So Basic: Unlike most of the log cabins we see today, this one didn’t come from a kit, and dates back to when the surrounding area was both actively logged and a retreat for San Franciscans. The house probably started out as a hunting lodge, and note that the redwood logs have been squared off on all four sides, no doubt by hand with an adze. Seriously, the decor could use some work- nothing worse than log cabin kitsch, but they’ve also drywalled a number of rooms, including the kitchen, making it a brighter and easier house to be in. Palo Alto is a half-hour away, making this perfect for the well-off graduate student or junior venture capitalist.

There’s a separate studio (above) which from the outside is a mossy shack but inside, a clean white space with skylights. Below, plenty of room to entertain your favorite loggers:

Lots more pictures at the realtor’s virtual tour, including an office with a sauna. The house is surrounded by redwoods, but it also sits above busy La Honda Road a few hundred feet from the intersection of Skyline Boulevard. Which means it might be a little noisy, but convenient if you like your burgers with bikers- Alice’s Restaurant is just a stroll away.


Listing: 191 Blakewood Way, Woodside  [Redfin]