Real Estate Report: Nothing quite says “Home For the Holidays” like an oceanfront cottage near Point Lobos, $9.995M



It’s not every year your beloved finds an old stone cottage under the Christmas tree, but then, you only have to buy one.

The Basics: an eight-bedroom, seven-bath 1920’s Arts & Crafts style stone house tucked away on 4.5 acres of oceanfront in Carmel Highlands, asking $9.995M. Not So Basic: It’s not just oceanfront, but a private chunk of the spectacular coastline just south of Point Lobos. The coast here is cluttered with houses on steroids, and in comparison, this one’s modest, retaining much of its early 20th Century character.

The house has a warm, enveloping vibe looking out on the surf and tide pools. As for all those bedrooms, it probably works out as a four-bedroom house with two small servants rooms plus a guest cottage. Looks like some clever person opened the kitchen up to the dining room- and the views- using the same wood-framed detail, and yes, that probably is linoleum on the kitchen floor. Most likely, the bathrooms need work, too, along with a new deck, and the staging’s not so great. But frankly, who cares:

Below the house, right on the surf’s edge, is a stone platform. No way you’d get that past the Coastal Commission in this century:


Listing: Spindrift Road, Carmel Highlands, online at Redfin and Sotheby’s