Real Estate Report: Live like a Shogun in Tiburon, $7.9M


“You’ve never seen anything like this in Marin!” says the realtor. She’s right. You haven’t.

The Basics: A 5-bedroom, 5-bath  house in Tiburon with water views, built in 1986, asking $7.9M.

Not So Basic: An “authentic 16th Century Japanese Country House” . Whatever that actually means, it’s an elaborate confection of peeled bark, fine woodwork and more shoji than you can shake a stick at. Set into what are now-maturing gardens, with rooms big enough to stage a production of Madame Butterfly.

Above, a finely-wrought entry hall. There’s no swimming pool, but there’s also no shortage of soaking tubs with views. Below, the master bedroom; there are more images of additional bedrooms and bathrooms in the listing.   Whether you think it’s a masterwork or an exercise in kitsch, this beautifully wrought house is a relief from the usual stucco and drywall mega-mansions all around it. Besides, you know you’ve always wanted to have people over for a tea ceremony.

Listing: 63 Norman Way, Tiburon  [Redfin]


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